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The EFI Automotive Group is a recognized Tier 1 supplier of electronic and electromagnetic systems to the world’s leading carmakers. EFI Automotive is anticipating technological breakthroughs by developing more local intelligence to better meet drivers’ expectations and automakers’ needs. Moving from a component-based approach to a system and instrumentation-based approach, EFI Automotive has structured its offer around intelligent localized systems

Topic & missions :

We are looking for an engineer for a technical project manager position within the R&D department. Here are the proposed missions :

  • Attend the weekly Technical Sales Meeting to support sales team on the RFQ presentation.
  • Work with RFI/RFQ team (Electronic Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Lab, Magnetic Engineer, Quality, Indus, Purchasing), to fill properly the Feasibility Study file.
  • Build and lead the compliance matrix according to the customer request (Specification) with support of RFI/RFQ Team.
  • Work with the RFI/RFQ team (Indus, Purchasing) to fill the Cost Sheet.
  • Validate the development hours.
  • Work with RFI/RFQ team to initiate the Project plan.
  • Build with project managers for each RFI/RFQ:
    • Timing Plan.
    • Development Hours.
    • Validation plan
    • Technical presentation to customer (Raw Material, process, technical assumptions and reserves explanations)
  • Work with safety referent to build safety concept and relevant documents if Safety level is requested
  • Build with Product Manager:
    • A-Samples Cost Sheet.
    • B-Samples Cost Sheet.
  • Lead the Feasibility Study Committee (FSC) to share the design and concept.
  • Lead the Cost Sheet Review with RFI/RFQ Team.
  • Support sales team during the Price Offer Review.
  • Support Project Manager to prepare the Kick Of Meeting in case EFI get a Letter Of Intend from customer.

To be filled: ASAP, 6 months internship

Profile, experience or education required: generalist engineer

Location : The workplace is based in Beynost (20 min from Lyon).

Required skills:  Project management skills

Required qualities :

  • Communication skills
  •  Fluent English