Four strategic business areas…

The industrial activity of EFI Automotive focuses on four areas: improving engine performance, optimizing transmissions, reducing polluting emissions and CO2 and aftermarket supporting OEMs and distribution of spare parts.



Improve engine performance

EFI Automotive’s integrated systems, sensors and magnetic trigger wheels are highly contributing to improving engine performance. Efficient, compact and with a high level of performance and quality our range of electromagnetic sensors for speed and position measurement is competitive.

EFI Automotive is now among the top 3 companies in the world, and is the leading company in Europe for engine management sensors.

Beyond its technological know-how, EFI Automotive offers systems expertise in magnetic trigger wheel and sensor solutions, which facilitates their integration and installation into the specific environment of each automaker.

Improving engine efficiency is a constant challenge, and EFI Automotive is already working on new generations of sensors to look ahead to new features: micro-hybrids (stop & start), variable valve lift technology (VVT and VVL), and cylinder deactivation.

Range of products for Engine Efficiency

Cam TPO sensor

Bidirectional Crank sensor – Metallic Trigger Wheel

Bidirectional Crank sensor – Magnetic Trigger Wheel



Optimize the equation comfort / pleasure / consumption

Our speed and position sensors and mechatronic modules optimize the manual and automatic transmissions: gear changes in automatic gearboxes and Stop&Start (STT) feature for manual gearboxes.

Manual and automatic transmissions are, overall, a very severe environment. EFI Automotive brings flexible and adaptable solutions to the increasingly demanding requirements of driving pleasure, passenger comfort, and reductions in vehicle fuel consumption.

The company’s advanced research in this fi eld is already focused on solutions adapted to future transmissions that are more compact, with more gears and with “coasting & sailing features” to decouple the engine at cruising speed, to take advantage of the vehicle’s inertia to save fuel.

Range of products for Transmission Efficiency

Speed sensor

Neutral gear Position sensor – Reverse gear

Neutral gear position sensor

Position sensor



Reducing polluting emissions and CO2

EFI Automotive is involved with the electrification of vehicles, taking part in an overall process to reduce polluting emissions and CO2 for conventional vehicles and electric vehicles.

For conventional engines, this means thermal management solutions such as intelligent actuators, which replace passive thermostats. More specifically, for diesel engines, injection actuators make it possible to improve atomization quality.

For electric motors, EFI Automotive offers smart electronic sensors to measure rotor position, which replace passive coil sensors. The emission efficiency family will soon be complemented with many innovations. These include new actuators to manage the air loop of combustion engines and actuators for other innovative applications.

Range of products for Emission Efficiency

Actuator module with EFI Automotive DC Actuator

Diesel injection Actuator – Light Duty

Diesel injection Actuator – Heavy Duty

Electrical Motor Position Sensor – EMPOS



The aftermarket Activity of EFI Automotive Group

EFI Automotive Service is the aftermarket parts business of the EFI Automotive Group.

It focuses on automaker and independent aftermarket customers, such as procurement groups, wholesalers, and regional liaisons. It provides them with a distribution and logistics platform to supply them not only with products developed for original equipment, but also with products specifi cally created for this «spare parts» market.

Relying since 1960, on its world-renowned Bougicord® brand, EFI Automotive Service offers a very wide range of products:

    • ignition systems and parts (ignition cables, wire sets, integrated ignition units and coils) for present or vintage cars
    • a full range of engine management sensors, temperature sensors, lambda probes,…
    • contactors
    • wires, cables and componants

With the automaker and independent aftermarket businesses, EFI Automotive Service continues in the spirit of service, agility, and flexible response that are the hallmarks of the EFI Automotive Group’s culture.

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