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As a leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive supplier, EFI Automotive offers innovative solutions in the field of sensors, actuators and embedded smart modules, custom designed to perfectly match the needs of its major international customers.

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EFI Automotive is an independent Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive supplier serving the world leaders of the automobile industry.
The culture of EFI Automotive is that of a manufacturing company with an 80-year record of excellence, in particular in the field of sensors, actuators and embedded smart modules. Its solutions help increase the efficiency of conventional automobile engines and transmissions as well as their hybrid and all-electric counterparts, while reducing polluting emissions and CO2.

The EFI Automotive culture is also that of a Group with a service approach focused on customer solutions. We listen carefully to our customers, wherever they may be, anticipating their needs and working closely with them to provide custom-made solutions.

To remain at the forefront of automobile innovation, EFI Automotive invests 8% of its annual turnover in R&D, advancing every day through the efforts of 200 engineers and technicians around the world. This focus on continuous progress helped EFI Automotive achieve almost €200 million in consolidated sales in 2014.

“Agis avec détermination et ambition ; communique notre passion d’entreprendre”

Act with determination and ambition. Convey our passion for entrepreneurial undertakings.

Jean THOLLIN, President of EFI Automotive between 1962 and 1992

Worldwide locations close to our major international customers

To be near our international customers and offer them fast responses, EFI Automotive is present on three continents. As a world-recognized automotive supplier, EFI Automotive makes 11% of its sales in the USA, 15% in Asia and 74% in Europe.
To continue our worldwide development, together with our 1,600 collaborators, we follow a policy of partnering and technology transfer in countries with strong potential.

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To continuously improve the performance of your vehicle, we work with the leaders of the automobile industry on a day-to-day basis.

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AXANDUS, the industrialization accelerator


Over and above the industrial know-how that has always driven the development of EFI Automotive, a sense of service has characterized the company ever since its creation. As a concrete extension of this commitment to service, the Axandus industrialization accelerator was launched in November 2014. This organization lets innovative startups benefit from our expertise and support when moving from small to large-scale production.

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