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EFI Automotive celebrates the Grand Opening of their North American Headquarters and 10 years of production in Alabama.


EFI Automotive : 80 years and still going strong


The EFI Automotive Group celebrated its 80 years of activity last year. Its business plan and daringness have only gained strength over the years—what better news for clients and employees ?


EFI Automotive celebrates the Grand Opening of its North American Headquarters


EFI Automotive’s North American subsidiary (EFC) celebrated two events last May:   the grand opening of the North American Headquarters and ten years of production in Elkmont, Alabama.

EFI Automotive (EFC) was set up in the United States in 1995 in the state of Michigan, near Detroit, to produce ignition wire sets for the OEM market. Ten years later, EFI Automotive opened a plant in Elkmont Alabama to produce sensors for the Group’s American customers.

The new North American Headquarters of the Group in Elkmont is part of a recently completed 4000 m² expansion of the factory floor, lab facilities and office space. « A boost for collaborative innovation to promote growth », declared Pascal Auburtin, General Manager, who has led EFI Automotive in North America since 2004.

EFC is today one of the main employers of Limestone County. Patrick Thollin, President of the Group, said the company will be taking on new engineers, technicians and other workers to handle the expected growth, doubling its workforce in coming years (from 160 employees at the end of 2014 for sales of $28 million).

EFI Automotive’s new production unit in Mexico.


Located in Guadalajara, Jalisc area, the new Mexican production facility of EFI Automotive will offer many opportunities for synergy with the North American subsidiary. This new site will supply certain customer sites from Mexico and take part in the development of the Group on the South American market.

Production will scale up from 2017 to 2020. Pascal Auburtin will head operational management of the subsidiary.

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AXANDUS, the industrialization accelerator of the EFI Automotive Group


Over and above the industrial know-how that has always driven the development of EFI Automotive, a sense of service has characterized the company ever since its creation. The launching of the Axandus industrialization accelerator is a concrete example of this commitment to service. Axandus provides innovative SMEs with the wide-ranging support they need when moving from small to large-scale production.

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