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PRESS RELEASE – 2023, October


The EFI Automotive Group’s capacity for innovation led it to receive this award from Stellantis on October 10, 2023, in Detroit.
This latest recognition confirms EFI Automotive’s position as a major player in sustainable and accessible mobility, and in the field of hybrid and electric vehicle recharging.
The automatic recharging systems for electric and hybrid vehicles developed by EFI Automotive offer a high level of user comfort, optimized energy management and better integration into the electrical grid, making them attractive solutions for encouraging the wider adoption of electric vehicles by users.
Indeed, their advantages are manifold:
Convenience: with our automatic recharging systems, vehicles no longer need to be manually plugged in every time they need recharging. This saves users time and energy and promotes peace of mind.
Flexibility: our technologies also enable electric vehicles to be recharged at any time of day, including during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper. This reduces recharging costs.
Energy management: our automatic recharging systems are designed to optimize energy management, considering the constraints of the electrical grid. For example, they can modulate charging power according to the availability of electricity.
Safety: our automatic charging solutions have been developed to meet strict safety standards, guaranteeing user safety and protection against the risks of fire or electrical overload.
Integration into smart grids: our automatic charging systems can be connected to the smart grid to enable better coordination of energy flows. This facilitates the integration of electric vehicles into the grid and helps optimize the use of energy resources.
In terms of technology, our first induction charging robot technology was presented on the RAM stand (Stellantis Group) at the Las Vegas high-tech show (CES) last January. Subsequently, EFI Automotive has developed a wide range of technological solutions for the automatic recharging of electric vehicles:
– Inductive and conductive technologies for single or multi-vehicle solutions (up to 6 simultaneously)
– Adapted to the needs and uses identified at CES- For the comfort and peace of mind of every user.
– For the comfort and peace of mind of every user.