UPDATE 12/2023

Béatrice SCHMIDT
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of the EFI Automotive Group, my aim is to provide our customers with top quality products and services while respecting the Environment at our production sites. To do so, I have decided to implement this IATF 16949 Quality & ISO 14001 Environment System. The Quality Systems – Environment Management Manual and associated procedures describe the operation of the EFI Automotive Group. In addition, to ensure the functional safety of electrical / electronic systems in motor vehicles, I have chosen to apply the ISO 26262 standard within the Group. Responsibility for the application of this manual has been officially delegated to the Group Quality Manager. I urge all the company’s employees to adhere to the measures described in this document as rigorously as possible. This manual is intended as a methodological guide geared towards improving the EFI Automotive Group’s overall performance. I am also committed to verifying that the Quality & Environment Management System is applied correctly and successfully, through Management Reviews, and to supplying the necessary resources for its implementation.