How can support the strategy of a GM or Ford customer worldwide?

EFI partners with the world’s leading companies

Global presence and flexibility: key assets for working with major car manufacturers

EFI Automotive works with the world’s leading automakers.

Thanks to its production sites on several continents and its high adaptability to customer needs, the group has won numerous contracts with major automakers. Today, manufacturers are thinking globally: although based in the United States, major manufacturers such as GM or Ford with whom we work, have needs on all continents. “Adam Kirwin is sales manager for EFI Automotive, he has been working with Ford for years: this type of customer is looking for suppliers who can produce as close as possible to their plants, whether in the USA, Europe or China. “EFI Automotive, which has 12 sites on three continents (Europe, USA, Asia), offers global coverage that allows it to be as close as possible to its customers when developing a project. To respond to and win the tenders launched by GM and Ford, EFI Automotive was able to mobilize its American teams from Plymouth, Michigan, near Detroit, the cradle of the two American automakers. Throughout these global projects, to best meet the client’s needs, it is imperative to set up a robust project team with a single point of contact: “This is the function of Global Account Manager” explains Adam Kirwin, “it is he or she who will coordinate the project for all the sites, manage the research, prototyping and production implementation phase, the one who will inform about the progress and possible difficulties. Its ability to share information well and to bring people of different cultures together in geographically remote areas is essential to the success of the project.

A tailor-made solution

Another of EFI Automotive’s strengths in meeting the expectations of automotive giants is its flexibility. “While Ford is a long-time customer, we were not yet referenced with GM,” explains Adam Kirwin, when they were looking for a solution to remotely automate the park brake function on their electric vehicles, we offered them not an off-the-shelf solution, but a tailor-made solution, which we developed with them. “This e-lock parking brake solution was also an opportunity for EFI Automotive to demonstrate its ability to innovate and offer new solutions for the electric and hybrid vehicle engines for which it was developed. In the end, GM was seduced by this solution, which better met its expectations and also had the advantage of being more compact and therefore easier to integrate into its engines. EFI Automotive’s Plymouth site then passed quality tests and received the TASL Approved label, which is essential to integrate the American manufacturer’s list of suppliers.

From 5,000 to 20,000 hours of development time

The duration and number of staff behind the various projects depend on the complexity of the specifications. Depending on whether we are supplying an entirely new part or a part that we already produce in series, the project could require 5,000 to 20,000 hours of development and mobilize 3 to 10 people. Then, the contracts include a production period of five years, generally renewable. For tenders related to GM and Ford, production at EFI Automotive’s American, European and Chinese sites is expected to total around 25 million parts!