SPEC 17462EN – Version 3.0


Within EFI Group through six values, we are determined to provide the best support and maintain continuous improvement to our stakeholders. While realizing all business activities, corporate sustainability put in the first place; as a “responsible” and diversified company; from top to bottom everyone has responsibility towards each other, our customers and all road users.

Our commitment is to be sustainable for Quality, Environment and Safety/Security aspects including, security of people, functional safety, product cybersecurity and information security which are all managed within regulations, requirements and needs of stakeholders.



In aspect of Health and Safety, our purpose is to:

  • Maintain the ideal working atmosphere and for every individual and ensure mental, physical and social well-being of all internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ensure safe work conditions, to prevent the traumas and work diseases link to our risks and activities
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations not only for sites and customers but also for all affected regions by our activities and products.
  • Improve safety and ergonomics of workplaces, production areas and machines for all locations and ensure continuity by regular controls and measurements.
  • Be prepared for emergencies situations (fire, chemical spills etc.) and natural disasters (earthquake, flood etc.) to reduce the impact in each subsidiary
  • Manage all occurred incidents to prevent further risks
  • Include all people and (if exist) workers’ representatives within subsidiaries for management of safety activities.


In aspect of Functional Safety and Product Cybersecurity, EFI Automotive Group targets to:

  • Making functional safety and Product cybersecurity one’s priority,
  • Setting an organization, a shared culture and safety an expertise by all employees and manager of the EFI Automotive Group
  • Promoting safety-security risks prevention and management,
  • Instating the C.A.T.S (Cyber Aspice Tisax Safety) committee, group of experts promoting quality and safety-security culture, facilitating communication and speeding decision-making,
  • Involving all the company’s processes with functional safety-security and product cybersecurity consideration.
  • Raising all our employee’s awareness and training in safety-security risks according to their level of involvement,
  • Ensuring skills are in line with the required responsibilities,
  • Providing suitable tools,
  • Endorsing a proactive attitude to detect and treat quality and safety-security risks,


In aspect of Information Security, EFI Automotive Group ensures the information is protected throughout its lifecycle. We do so by:

  • Defining and applying a security strategy, policies and guidelines that comply with laws, regulations, standards and best practices.
  • Implementing a continuous security risk management, aligned and proportionate with the strategic objectives of EFI Automotive Group.
  • Protecting sensitive information with enhanced security measures.
  • Ensuring business continuity by proactively limiting the impact of a security breach.
  • Managing information security, in continuous improvement, through an Information Security
  • Management System.


In aspect of Environment, EFI Automotive Group has pledged to:

  • Prevent and reduce pollution, not only in the context of our activities, but also from the broader perspective of our products.
  • Manage natural resources and our raw materials and waste disposal, reduction, reuse and recycling.
  • Reducing our carbon footprint through all subsidiaries
  • Protect the environment, biodiversity and natural habitat to build a sustainable future.


In aspect of Quality, our aim is to:

  • Provide the best quality, service and support to our customers, through their specific requirements with innovative and reliable solutions with our strong culture of service.
  • Develop processes and parts within regulations and needs, achieving targets set internally or externally to reach operational excellence and “0” defect.
  • Remain focused and continue to develop to build together the company of tomorrow through a solid “Quality” culture.

Our values



We are proud to be a part of the EFI Automotive Group. We work together to serve our customers to ensure the Group’s long-term future and with our entrepreneurial passion, we are moving forwards to build our future together. Above all, we encourage interest in serving our community. This way, each employee enables the Group to benefit from their skills and experience and contributes to the development of the Group. We encourage initiatives aimed at improving our overall performance.


We work very closely with our customers. We listen carefully to their specific needs in order to provide them with reliable and innovative solutions as quickly as possible and at the best price. We are moving towards a decompartmentalized and fluid organizational structure which simplifies processes and accelerates decision-making. This gives us the flexibility necessary to adapt to a rapidly evolving market.


Internally, as with our suppliers and customers, we work within a relationship of communication, trust and with sincerity to find the most appropriate solutions quickly together. This enables us to form strong and lasting partnerships. We always aim to look at situations as objectively as possible. We go beyond a theoretical approach and work together in a spirit of mutual trust and openness.


We work together to decide on the main Group objectives and retain a shared vision with regards to their effective implementation. Furthermore, we focus our efforts on creating value for customers and our community.


EFI Automotive employees are one of the company’s greatest resources. Together with our diversity of languages and cultures, we form a rich and varied community and whilst respecting our differences, we share a common goal. We wish to make our community stronger by supporting each employee through training and skill development. At each level of the business, we respect the work of our employees and listen carefully to their ideas and suggestions. We stand in solidarity and help each other by means of positive feedback or constructive criticism to strive for excellence together. Whilst we allow room for errors, we also expect each employee to recognize their mistakes, correct them in a responsible manner and accept them in order to progress, excel and thus enable the entire organization to progress.


At each level of the organization, each employee acts responsibly in their role and contributes to the long-term development of the Group. We therefore encourage individuals to take responsibility and act according to the principle of subsidiarity (autonomy, duty to help and support). EFI Automotive is a responsible company and in, each of our locations, we comply with current standards, human rights and local legislation. We act in an ethical manner and with integrity, whilst respecting the environment.