Actuator e-park lock shift by wire

EFI designs and produces custom mechatronic solutions for harsh environments (engine, transmission, etc.) based on what our customers tell us that they need.

These actuators integrate:

  • Hall Effect and Foucault Current position measurement functions for greater immunity against external magnetic fields
  • Brushed or brushless DC motors, depending on the application constraints
  • A transmission system with a design selected and optimized according to application needs
  • Piloting electronics integrating the system control law and an LIN, PWM or CAN communication interface

During the Custom solution development process, our teams are constantly thinking about optimizing performance, the solution’s overall throughput and therefore electricity, mass and cost consumption. These solutions are tested using methods that reproduce application conditions (temperature, load, interruptions) and Production methods with appropriate automation for the Project so that we can guarantee the level of Quality that Automobile Customers expect.