Park pawl sensor

Park Pawl’s position sensor integrates advanced detection capabilities directly into the mechanical parking system of an automatic gearbox or electric drive unit. Thanks to the intelligence of the dualsensor configuration, the product is able to perform several operations directly. It can control both manual shaft rotation and the parking pawl position with complete redundancy. This new patented design is ideal for transmissions using an electronically controlled park lock system.

Combined with an EFI Automotive park lock actuator, the lever actuation system is fully monitored and safely controlled. A single-sensor configuration is also possible. This is available if you only wish to monitor the park pawl.

The sensor is available in a stray-field hall-effect magnetic field-resistant version, as well as an eddy-current inductive version. In the inductive version, detection takes place directly on the metal surface, eliminating the need for an additional target.

Integration into the transmission environment is flexible. EFI Automotive is able to customize the connector and its connectivity to suit tight environments. The product can also be designed with a cable harness to facilitate routing to the transmission.


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