Linear position sensor for clutch

This sensor is used to measure a linear or rotary displacement in various applications. For manual transmissions it is used for the clutch position on the master cylinder or the clutch release bearing. It can also be used at gearshift lever to detect all gears position. For dual clutch gearboxes, it measures the position of the forks for ever more responsive, accurate and reliable gear changes.

For automatic transmissions, the position sensor provides information to the ECU about the gear lever (TRS). For the electrically actuated transmissions, it detects the position of the gear selector. This multi-purpose sensor can be used as position sensor for the instrumented intake manifolds or automatic transmissions actuator or cam position sensor in the variable lift cam engines.

With a properly designed magnetic circuit it can meet all the position detection needs.


  • Absolute Rotary and Linear Position Sensor
  • Programmable output transfer linearization functionality that provides high output accuracy and linearity
  • Range selection and offset programming by EFI or customer
  • Selectable output mode: Analog or PWM
  • Open/short on-board diagnostics and voltage protections
  • Temperature-stable, mechanical stress immune
  • 12 bit resolution
  • Wide ambient operating temperature range: –40°C to 150°C
  • Sensor tested for vibrations over 1000Hz (36 parts during 99 hours) during DV
  • Standard package for EFI Automotive worldwide process.
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