Gearshifting actuator

Function description:

The gearshifting function is required for the management of electrified transmissions with two speeds.

These transmissions are used, in particular, in high-performance vehicles or commercial vehicles likely to carry heavy loads.

These transmissions can be mounted in purely electric vehicles or in hybrid vehicles.

The rotational speeds of the electric traction motor and the requirement for smooth shifting place high demands on the shifting system, such as responsiveness, requiring an extremely short response time.

The Gearshifting EFI actuator benefits from the latest advances in the Greenshift product line combining high power density, and advanced control law, allowing to offer a product of incomparable compactness and flexibility satisfying the most demanding control systems.


Technical characteristics:

  • High compactness
  • Precise, multi-turn output axis position measurement.
  • Very short response time.
  • Proven tightness.
  • Option with and without on-board electronics.
  • Wide range of diagnostics (for actuators with electronics).
  • Cybersecurity protected (for electronic actuators).