EFI Automotive acquires Akeoplus to accelerate on Industry 4.0 and diversification

EFI Automotive announces the acquisition of Akeoplus, an engineering company specializing in services and solutions industrial players. This operation enables to build a unique offer to respond to the innovation challenges of the sector and accelerate its diversification beyond automotive.

Combining digital with industry to create the mobility of the future

With this acquisition, EFI Automotive is at the forefront of innovation in its sector and is implementing its transformation strategy with a clear ambition: to become a reference partner for sustainable and intelligent mobility solutions.


The choice of Akeoplus was obvious, as it is aligned with EFI Automotive current transformation. Thanks to its competencies in digital (IIOT, Artificial Intelligence) automation (mobile robotics, collaborative and conventional) and industrial safety (data, products and people), Akeoplus has positioned itself in recent years as a key partner of the plant 4.0, to meet specific customer issues such as Stellantis (PSA), Volvo, Opel, Faurecia, Cooper Standard, Thalès, Airbus, Spie, Georges Pernoud, MGF Grimaldi…


Digital technology and AI are key to meet the current challenges of the automotive industry.


Béatrice Schmidt, EFI Automotive CEO: “At EFI, we have the ambition to provide our customers with innovative and high value solutions, as an answer to the sector transformation.

The acquisition of Akeoplus – first acquisition for EFI – enables to accelerate the development of our platforms or products and new services for the automotive sector, and more generally for Mobility. We also aim to exploring new markets and integrating additional skills. EFI Automotive is writing a new chapter in its history.”


Stéphane Morel, founder of Akeoplus: “The acquisition of Akeoplus is an innovation accelerator for EFI Automotive and an industrial accelerator for Akeoplus. Joining EFI Automotive Group will enable Akeoplus to benefit from the strength of an international industrial company and its investment capabilities to grow in the near future.”

Béatrice Schmidt
EFI Automotive CEO

At EFI, we have the ambition to provide our customers with innovative and high value solutions, as an answer to the sector transformation.

About Akeoplus

For 15 years, AKEOPLUS has been committed to making new technologies a real growth driver and a rise of profitability for businesses. AKEOPLUS build with companies’ end-to-end strategy for short term growth and profitability. We provide our 3 skills in each strategic and technological project: Digital, Automation & Safety, in order to lead industrial companies to the SmartFAB.


Through each project, we develop our customers strength through product, service and processes digitalization, and through to smart and scalable process automation.