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EFI current sensor is a high-precision miniature coreless magnetic current sensor for AC and DC measurements with an analog interface and fast over-current detection output.
Typical applications are HV electrical sub-systems like inverters and battery junctions. The main functions are current measurement and overload or short-circuit detection.


Main Features

  • AC and DC bidirectional current sensing
  • Full scale up to +/- 1500A for high current applications
  • Single-ended, differential, or redundant outputs
  • Single supply voltage 5V
  • Very low sensitivity and offset errors over temperature and lifetime
  • Phase delay (<1° at 1,5 kHz) for closed-loop control motor applications
  • Differential sensor measurement principle ensures low stray magnetic field sensitivity
  • Optional fast Over-Current Detection (OCD) output with programmable threshold
  • Ratiometric analog output with respect to VDD variations


High Precision Coreless Current Sensor

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