Hyundai integrates EFI Automotive’s “intelligent” engine temperature management solution

EFI partners with the world’s leading companies

The Korean car manufacturer Hyundai

integrates an “intelligent” temperature management solution developed by EFI Automotive and the German equipment manufacturer Mann+Hummel on three engines in its range

After winning over PSA in 2013, the “intelligent” engine temperature management solution was adopted by another major international car manufacturer. Since 2018, the Korean Hyundai has been integrating the solution developed by EFI Automotive and Germany’s Mann+Hummel, one of the international leaders in air and oil filters, for three engines in its vehicle range.

Optimized flow management

We have developed a so-called intelligent engine temperature management system that reacts faster than passive systems and controls the temperature of the cooling fluid precisely,” explains Laurent Roussel, Advanced Projects & Product Line Manager, “the module regulates water flows between the cooling unit, the cabin heater and the engine at any operating point of the engine, and according to the desired combination. “It allows, for example, when starting, to raise the engine faster to its optimal operating temperature: the engine therefore becomes more efficient and at the same time less polluting. This flow management also has other advantages, always at the start: “During the first minutes of engine operation, we will try to direct the flows as quickly as possible towards the passenger compartment to warm it up and thus quickly ensure the comfort of the occupants. The regulation and the choices to be made are made continuously through an electronic system for which EFI Automotive has also developed the control laws. In the end, this solution reduces engine fuel consumption by 2%, “which corresponds to a reduction in CO2 emissions of about 2 g of CO2, a major asset for car manufacturers today”, explains Laurent Roussel. <

2 million pieces per year

Exchanges with Hyundai began in 2015. During the three years of project development, EFI Automotive teams developed a solution adapted to the quality requirements and volume constraints of their new Korean customer: “If the technology takes over elements from the actuator developed for PSA, we have developed a specific actuator for Hyundai, in line with our trademark, which is to offer our customers tailor-made solutions. “Today, Hyundai is fitting this solution as standard for three of the engines in its range. At cruising speed by 2022-2023, EFI Automotive will produce around two million parts per year for Hyundai plants in Europe and the United States. A significant production volume that will be entirely realized in France, at the Beynost production site (69).