Neutral and reverse position sensor for manual transmission

This Neutral Gear Sensor provides one of the important input parameters for stop and start systems used on manual transmission powertrains.
Since the engine can only stop when the engine is declutched and the gear selection lever is in Neutral position, the Neutral Gear Sensor is essential to forward this information to the system.
For optimum accuracy, it is generally located in the transmission, close to the sub-system, that selects and engages the gears.
This sensor can provide more than just the Neutral Gear position. It can also provide the Reverse gear position for the back-up light switch, thereby reducing the number of sensors in the transmission.



  • Magnetic targets
  • Assembly bore: 15.4 mm
  • Full EMC compliance
  • Output protocol :
    • Analog voltage
    • PWM
    • SENT
    • Serial (SPI)
    • Other protocols/interfaces can be implemented (e.g. PSI-5…)
  • Possible redundancy
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